Modern Economic Diplomacy

Course Code: IEF-1165
Course Instructor: Elvis Cornerstone
Category: Economic Diplomacy
Credit Hours: 18
Course Duration: 3 Days
Cost: $1,000.00

Course Content

The dynamics of the international interactions in political and economic spheres that help to establish the development of mutual relations and interdependence between countries deserve to be acknowledged from different viewpoints to understand its modern impression.

This training programme is open to beginning (1st degree holders) and advanced students. The course provides students with an introduction into the theory and practice of modern economic diplomacy. It covers the traditional domain of economic diplomacy and the sovereignty of states in conducting international economic relations as umbrella topics. The programme will also shed light on globalization and competition for foreign direct investment as well as the growing influence of international economic standard setting organizations. Participants can expect to complete four to six thorough works. Collective reasoning and individual attention will be emphasized.

Abroad, embassies, consulates, and trade offices handle economic diplomacy. The main focus is on promotion, to attract foreign business, investments, technology and tourists. The main goal of the course is to understand the complexity of the changing world economy and analyze actual problems, developments and challenges of economic diplomacy in the 21st century.


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Course Content

Modern Economic diplomacy connects closely with political, public and other segments of diplomatic work and the course features provocative and interesting learning exercises led by an immensely experienced academic and diplomat. The curriculum stimulates careful consideration and attention to topics germane to the programme. Participants will:

» Enter a field of modern economics that will help them comprehend the concept of economic diplomacy as they appreciate the reasons and the consequences related to the subject.

» Methodically examine the area of economic activity of diplomacy in order to explain and resolve it into the elements that play significant roles in different parts of the economy.

» Identify the main methods of work of economic diplomacy and how the methods translate into creation of directives for presence on the market.

» Analyze modern economic diplomacy in the context of opportunities and challenges in an emerging global economy.

» Thematically view the regulatory environment and the domestic context, special role of embassies in domestic outreach, the role of think tanks and CSOs, public diplomacy dimension of trade and work to ensure the consolidation of the weak links between them.

» Consider the tendencies of development of economic diplomacy in the conditions of globalization and how national choices are conditioned by the international political economy.

» Advance and review the place of countries in the implementation of foreign policy and diplomacy.


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Key Takeaways


This training course is practice-oriented, and aims at capacity development. At the end of the course, participants will be able to:

» Provide a comprehensive perspective of the global economic system, its emergence and dynamics and how it is affecting trade and investment in states

» Understand the complexity of the changing world economy and analyze actual problems, developments and challenges of economic diplomacy in the 21st century.

» Obtain a perfect glimpse of understanding how diplomacy works in practice and what achievements you need to possess in order to become a good diplomat.

» Apply the learning to the running of a commercial or economic section, and to the manner in which commerce chambers of individual enterprises can work with the foreign ministry and with diplomatic missions in the commercial and economic arena.

» Assess current trends in the framework conditions of international trade and other economic exchanges.


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Target Audience


» The programme is designed to prepare competent decision-makers for private businesses and governmental institutions, media and NGOs who want to kick off their career internationally.

» Applicants with a bachelor’s degree in economics, international relations and related disciplines.

» Trade and economic affairs officials, officials working in commerce chambers, think tanks, other entities working in or observing economic diplomacy.

» Postgraduate students of diplomacy or international relations wishing to study topics not offered through their university programmes or diplomatic academies and to gain deeper insight through interaction with practicing diplomats.


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