About IEF

A reputation for outstanding quality


Founded in 2016, the Institute of Economics and Finance (IEF) is a top tier business training school in Ghana. The mandate of IEF is to help students, graduates and professionals demonstrate outstanding leadership in their chosen fields.

We have a tradition of service excellence and a strong focus on our clients’ learning experience. A quite number of our clients are at different stages of their careers while others are either entering their preferred choice of industry or considering to do so.

IEF is enriched by the presence of experienced faculty in their respective fields.

Who we are

We are a community of world-class academics, industry experts and well-accomplished professionals with vast experience in our specialised fields. Our utmost desire is to take you to the real world of business without leaving the class.

IEF is brimming with inspiring instructors and facilitators who impact an immeasurable breadth of knowledge alongside the exploration of new possibilities. This helps in providing you with the needed tools for success in your chosen industry.

We are the nucleus for business minds creating business out of new research.

Why study at IEF

Courses and training programmes offered at IEF are demanding but thoroughly rewarding. The courses aim to close the gap in business knowledge while affording you the opportunity to learn from world-class academics and industry experts.

Our pursuit for excellence drives us to providing you with the courses and programmes that are mostly relevant in today’s dynamic and competitive global market. The course contents of our programmes are of a generally high standard and are regularly updated to reflect the changing dynamics in the marketplace.

At IEF, we provide hands-on skills training to help you succeed in your chosen field.

Our teaching method

Our renowned in-person classes are taught across various centres of Accra and at major cities around the world.

We also deliver our courses on an on-demand basis mainly through our online platform. This gives you the opportunity to learn at your own pace and on your own schedule.

The rolling out of our virtual classroom platform further gives you a range of teaching and learning methods to choose from. By delivering our courses through the virtual classroom system, you can conveniently step into a live class from anywhere in the world.

Our statements