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Elvis Cornerstone

President, Accra Business School, GH

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Email: e.cornerstone@ief.edu.gh

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Elvis is a Professor of Financial Economics with over 20 years’ experience in his specialised field. He is the President of Accra Business School and doubles up as President of the Institute of Economics and Finance. Prior to this, he was a full-time Professor with Swiss UMEF University, Geneva, Switzerland. During his term of office, he was also the Regional Director for Africa and later, acted as the Director of Academic Affairs for the University campus in Kabul, Afghanistan. He had previously lectured on a full-time basis at Bangor University in the United Kingdom; the same university he obtained both his Masters and PhD qualifications. He has taught various undergraduate and postgraduate courses across Europe, Asia and Africa. He is a Fellow of the UK Higher Education Academy and an Honorary Senior Fellow of the Boardroom Institute. Prior to academia, Elvis was a professional in development financing on the local and international fronts. He has assessed and managed loan portfolio projects across various sectors and industries for several countries. During his term of office at the African Development Bank in Tunisia, for instance, his assignment involved the assessment of additionality and development outcomes of private sector projects, including financial institutions, across the African continent. He provides consultancy services to international organisations, diplomatic missions, governments, and private sector institutions. He is a Board Director for Global Alliance Office on Drugs and Crime and serves as Chair of the Audit Committee for the same Organisation.


Course Title Course Code Course Category Credit Hours
Entrepreneurial Financial Management
Entrepreneurial Financial Management
IEF-1180 Business Economics 30
Modern Economic Diplomacy
IEF-1165 Economic Diplomacy 18
The Regulatory Environment & Trade
IEF-1164 Economic Diplomacy 18
The Economic Role of Embassies
IEF-1163 Economic Diplomacy 18
Trade & Investment Promotion
IEF-1162 Economic Diplomacy 18
Business Delegations & Trade Exhibitions
IEF-1161 Economic Diplomacy 18
Sanctions in Economic Diplomacy
IEF-1160 Economic Diplomacy 18
Trade Agreements & Multilateral Trading System
IEF-1159 Economic Diplomacy 18
Corporate Banking
IEF-1172 Banking 18
Cross-border Trade
IEF-1128 Business Economics 18
Introducing Central Banking
IEF-1121 Central Banking 18
Government Banker & Advisor
IEF-1122 Central Banking 18
Money & Banking System Management
IEF-1123 Central Banking 18
Money Creation & Monetary Policy
IEF1124 Central Banking 18
Introducing Energy Policy
IEF-1116 Energy & Policy 18
Energy Risk Management
IEF-1118 Energy & Policy 18
Energy Finance
IEF-1119 Energy & Policy 18
Introducing Government Finance
IEF1111 Public Finance 18
Public Sector Accounting & Budgeting
IEF-1112 Public Finance 0
Forecasting & Cost Analysis
IEF-1113 Public Finance 0
Social Security & Social Insurance
IEF-1156 Public Finance 0
IEF-1114 Public Finance 0
Market Failures
IEF-1155 Public Policy 0
State Ownership, Privatisation & Regulation
IEF-1108 Public Policy 0
Industrial Policy
IEF-1109 Public Policy 0
Government Failure
IEF-1107 Public Policy 0
Bank Risk Management
IEF-1102 Banking 18
Microfinance Ecosystem & Application
IEF-1134 Microfinance 0
Microfinance Technology & Analytics
IEF-1135 Microfinance 0
Microfinance Indicators & Impact
IEF-1137 Microfinance 0
Finance for Non-Finance Managers
IEF-1146 Managerial Finance 18
Building a 3-Statement Financial Model
IEF-1150 Financial Modelling 18
Business Valuation Modelling
IEF-1151 Financial Modelling 18
FP&A Monthly Cash Flow Forecast Model
IEF-1152 Financial Modelling 30
Scenario & Sensitivity Analysis
IEF-1153 Financial Modelling 18
Dashboards & Data Visualisation
IEF-1174 Financial Modelling 18
PowerPoint & Pitchbooks
IEF-1175 Financial Modelling 18
Introducing Trade Finance
IEF-1138 Trade Finance 0
Documentary Credits
IEF-1139 Trade Finance 0
Documentary Collections
IEF-1140 Trade Finance 0
Standby Letters of Credit
IEF-1141 Trade Finance 0
Trade Finance Guarantees
IEF-1142 Trade Finance 0
Trade Finance Compliance
IEF-1143 Trade Finance 0
Cross-border Trade
IEF-1128 Trade Finance 18
Supply Chain Finance
IEF-1157 Trade Finance 18
Fraud Detection & Prevention
IEF-1132 Banking 0
Fraud & Reputational Risk
IEF-1144 Trade Finance 0
Digital Lending
IEF-1178 Microfinance 18
Digital Lending
IEF-1178 Banking 18
Advanced Financial Modelling & Valuation
IEF-1154 Financial Modelling 18
Digital Trade Finance & Fintechs
IEF-1145 Trade Finance 0
Banking Regulations & Supervision
IEF-1104 Microfinance 18
Globalisation & Multinational Business
IEF-1129 Business Economics 0
Tools & Techniques in Monetary Policy
IEF105 Central Banking 18
Evaluating Public Policy
IEF-1110 Public Policy 0
Banking Regulations & Supervision
IEF-1104 Banking 18
Digital Banking & Fintech Leadership
IEF-1169 Banking 18
Digital Banking & Fintech Regulation
IEF-1170 Banking 18
Digital Banking & Fintech Leadership
IEF-1169 Microfinance 18
Digital Banking & Fintech Regulation
IEF-1170 Microfinance 18
Entrepreneurship Essentials
IEF-1177 Business Economics 18
Banking Regulations & Supervision
IEF-1104 Central Banking 18
Digital Banking & Fintech Regulation
IEF-1170 Central Banking 18

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