Entrepreneurial Financial Management

The “Entrepreneurial Financial Management” programme is a 12-week course designed to empower current and aspiring business owners and those working with entrepreneurs with essential financial management skills and knowledge necessary to start, grow, and sustain their enterprises. This comprehensive programme covers fundamental financial principles tailored specifically for the entrepreneurial context, enabling participants to make informed financial decisions, manage resources efficiently, and drive sustainable business growth. The course ensures that participants can apply what they have learned to real-world business problems by combining academic knowledge with practical applications.

The course is structured into twelve modules, each of which focuses on crucial areas of entrepreneurial financial management. To guarantee that the subject is fully understood and applied in real-world situations, the modules comprise lectures, case studies, practical exercises, and assessments. The programme curriculum allows participants to:

» Learn the basics of financial management within an entrepreneurial context, focusing on setting strategic financial goals and comprehensive financial planning.

» Gain insights into interpreting balance sheets, income statements, and cash flow statements, and master the creation of effective budgets and financial forecasts.

» Learn to manage working capital components to ensure liquidity and operational efficiency, and identify and manage financial risks to safeguard your business.

» Explore various funding sources and financing options suitable for entrepreneurs, including venture capital, angel investors, and traditional bank loans.

» Develop strategies for effective cost management, conduct break-even analysis, and enhance profitability through informed financial decision-making.

» Understand tax obligations, compliance requirements, and the impact of financial technology (FinTech) on entrepreneurial finance, including innovative financial tools and solutions.

» Integrate financial management practices with overall business strategy, focusing on long-term financial planning, growth strategies, and sustainability.

By the end of this programme,  participants will:

» Have a solid understanding of financial management principles and their application in entrepreneurial ventures.

» Be able to create and manage detailed financial plans, budgets, and forecasts.

» Understand how to analyze financial statements and use financial data to make strategic decisions.

» Develop effective cost management and profitability strategies.

» Be prepared to secure funding and manage financial risks effectively.

» Ensure compliance with tax and regulatory requirements.

» Leverage FinTech innovations for financial management.

» Have a comprehensive financial plan tailored to their business venture, ready to implement.

The following categories can register for the programme:

» Individuals planning to start their own business.

» Business owners looking to enhance their financial management skills.

» Managers seeking to improve their understanding of financial management.

» Financial officers in small- to medium-sized enterprises who wish to expand their knowledge.

» Business consultants and financial advisors working with entrepreneurs.

» Students and professionals interested in entrepreneurial finance.

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Entrepreneurial Financial Management
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03 Sep 2024 - 21 Nov 2024


6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Local Time

  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: 03 Sep 2024 - 21 Nov 2024
  • Time: 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm






Prof. Elvis Cornerstone
Prof. Elvis Cornerstone

Elvis is a professor of financial economics with over 20 years' experience in his specialised field. He is the President of Accra Business School and doubles up as President of the Institute of Economics and Finance. He has worked with various financial institutions including the African Development Bank in Tunisia. He has assessed and managed loan portfolio projects across various sectors and industries for quite a number of countries including Ghana, Kenya, Uganda and Seychelles. He consults for international organisations, diplomatic missions, governments, and private sector institutions.

Other Organizers

Mr. Ife Njoku
Mr. Ife Njoku

Ife Njoku is the Managing Director of Greenwich Asset Management Nigeria. He was previously the General Manager of Coronation Asset Management Nigeria and a former Managing Director of Access Bank Ghana and DR Congo with over 20 years' banking experience. He is the Vice-President of the Institute of Economics and Finance.


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