Succession Planning: Ensuring Continuity & Sustainability


In business and institutionalization, there aren’t a lot of sure bets. One thing you can count on as a CEO or founder is that someday, you will need a successor. A great challenge of leadership is that no one tells you what decisions to make and when – especially when confronting your own mortality through succession planning. The number of people in leadership roles who plan to retire in the next few years is higher than the number of people entering the workforce. Organizations need to prepare for this phenomenon to happen and prepare the next generation of leaders to move up. The loss of organizational memory (tribal knowledge) is not to be underestimated. The labour market is tight, and it’s an employee’s market. There is a shortage of top talent available, therefore, finding talent for leadership roles at your organization will be no easy feat. Succession planning is big-budget. Having the foresight to develop the top talent you currently have, actively recruiting top talent and making sure they have the proper experiences to prepare them for the future is an important strategy.

What will define the success and future of a company or institution is whether or not the CEO or founder(s) can expand their team, provide strong experience for future leaders, and create a succession plan that employees, investors, and other stakeholders can support.

This Succession Planning training programme caters to equipping participants with necessary tools for succession planning through effective analysis and management programmes. The programme outline is up to the minute and relevant to marketplace requirements, therefore catering well to all analytical prediction of training needs in the specified area. A customised proposal can also be arranged to suit the training requirements of your team.

Succession Planning features provocative sessions with an inspiring agenda with distinguished figures in the leadership space that will pose clarifying questions and help generate answers that open your mind to new ways of thinking and get greater value from strategies. The programme curriculum allows participants to:

» Gain an overview of the general principles associated with effective succession planning including strategy, plan development, plan implementation and evaluation.

» Define the current challenges and needs associated with creating an adequate talent pipeline in a changing work environment.

» Develop a customized roadmap for talent development and succession planning through frequent breakout sessions to apply the information from the training programme.

» Experience a process to uncover the key accountabilities and primary competencies associated with superior individual and team performance in the workplace.

» Review examples of data-driven frameworks, methods and models that can be used in the talent selection, retention and development processes.

By the end of this Succession Planning training programme, participants will be able to:

» Demonstrate understanding of the basics of career development and succession planning.

» Close the developmental gap by operating and evaluating a succession planning and management programme for your organisation’s future.

» Create and examine innovative corporate career development initiatives to help employees work through a culture of growth and development.

» Ensure business continuity by incorporating succession planning into key organisational positions and preparing people to step up to leadership roles.

» Attract and retain the top talent you need to meet your organisation’s current and future objectives without spending vast financial resources.

» Develop strategies that embrace uncertainties and can be translated into an effective action plan.

» CEOs and founders of business entities.

» Managers of family-owned businesses.

» Heads of HR and other individuals involved in designing, setting up or controlling career development systems.

» Line managers who are involved in or accountable for, the career development of their staff.

» Anyone interested in human resources, management skills, supervision or related fields can register as well.

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Succession Planning: Ensuring Continuity & Sustainability
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26 - 28 Jun 2024


6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

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Prof. Elvis Cornerstone
Prof. Elvis Cornerstone

Elvis is a professor of financial economics with over 20 years' experience in his specialised field. He is the President of Accra Business School and doubles up as President of the Institute of Economics and Finance. He has worked with various financial institutions including the African Development Bank in Tunisia. He has assessed and managed loan portfolio projects across various sectors and industries for quite a number of countries including Ghana, Kenya, Uganda and Seychelles. He consults for international organisations, diplomatic missions, governments, and private sector institutions.


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