Trade & Investment Promotion

Course Code: IEF-1162
Course Instructor: Elvis Cornerstone
Category: Economic Diplomacy
Credit Hours: 18
Course Duration: 3 Days
Cost: $1,000.00

Course Overview

In industrialized and developing countries, the promotion of trade and investment has been acknowledged as one of the stimulants for sustainable economic development. Trade and investment are both functions that have precise things in common, most importantly the marketing of a country and its key industries.

Quality of investment projects proposals and studies is a key factor affecting both foreign and domestic investment flows. The Trade & Investment Promotion course will help participants in Investment Promotion Agencies and other institutions with a mandate in investment promotion and facilitation to address the current trade and economic challenges. The training package covers a comprehensive set of topics that uses local and foreign knowledge to level the playing field and equips those businesses with the knowledge and tools that they need to meet that challenge and by extension, promote trade and investment. It further enhances building place image and country’s brand as an attractive investment destination by using different marketing tools, effective presentation of investment potentials and getting international media attention.


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Course Content

The Trade and Investment Promotion programme provides participants with a platform which will help them establish, roll out and/or expand the international activities of their now and/or future business organizations. The programme curriculum will allow participants to:

» Understand Trade & Investment promotion and its relevance in the modern economics.

» Grasp the expedient conduct that backs International Trade policy and the WTO; Legislation & Incentives.

» Partnerships and Initiatives.

» Work out and work on agreements and other measures with respect to trade facilitation.

» Discover and learn about the structures underlying International Trade and Investment Litigation and Strategy.

» To determine appropriate mechanisms that will aid in Investor-State Dispute Resolution.

» Develop investment promotion strategies and policies for attracting and retaining Foreign Direct Investment (FDI).

» Set new and improved trends in trade investment promotion.


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Key Takeaways


With a holistic approach, the course offers hands-on support and practical expertise that will help participants, after completing the course to:

» To raise awareness on trade-investment promotion and studies among stakeholders

» Design an interactive site selection map to identify and analyze suitable investment locations in different economic landscapes.

» Explore and come by great conditions and locations for expanding business operations in different parts of the world

» Understand the importance of investment promotion for the country

» Identify appropriate activities for investment promotion

» Perceive the new trends in investment promotion and use their unique capability to create access where access is hard to get, both in their country and elsewhere.


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Target Audience


» Staff of investment promotion agencies and other government officials with responsibilities in investment facilitation, e.g. from Ministries of Foreign Affairs, of Trade, Commerce, planning and finance.

» Applicants with a bachelor’s degree in economics, international relations and related disciplines.

» Trade and economic affairs officials, those working in commerce chambers, think tanks, other entities working in or observing economic diplomacy.

» Professionals who aim to specialize in the field of financial and economic analysis of investment project

» Those that study the country’s external economic actions, commercial diplomats from the corporate sector.


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